15 Summer Art Projects For Kids

School is officially out for summer at our house and my 10 year old has got new paints! She loves art and there are always multiple projects, paintbrushes, and clay somewhere in our house. Her creativity has inspired me to gather some of my favorite art projects to share with you to try with your kids this summer.

These are great ideas to keep your kids busy during the summer. Summer is the perfect time to dive deeper into art with young children because if all else fails you can hose the paint off them in the yard! Been there, done that! Seriously though art is such a great way to slow down and connect with your kids no matter how old they are. Here are 15 summer art projects for kids you can do with your kids! Oh and don’t forget after you create all this art you must have a gallery opening. 

Painting Summer Art Projects For Kids

Painting offers children many wonderful opportunities to explore and build important skills used later in life for things like handwriting, typing, using tools like scissors, and doing up their pants without your help. Most importantly it’s a creative outlet that allows children to play with expression and use this medium to create something all their own.

Paint with Sound 

fly swatter painting

Fly Swatter Painting

Squish Monsters 

Make Your Own Finger Paint 

Paint with Aluminum Cans

Make & Use Your Own Paintbrushes 

Rubber Band Resist Painting

truck painting and color mixing for kids

Truck Tracks

Cork Painting


Sculpture & Collage Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy

I love to make things and I am not the world’s more adept painter so I really gravitate to sculpture and collage. For young kids, that sounds daunting but it’s not, scroll through these ideas and maybe some will be the perfect summer art projects for your kids or spark an idea for something even better.

Sea Urchin Sculpture


Trash Rainbow Collage 


Kandinsky Circle Sculpture


Matisse Snail Collage Craft


Drawing Art Projects

Drawing can create a lot of frustration for children that want to make something look a certain way. Help your child step out of that mindset with these two fun summer art projects that focus on drawing.

Drawing Prompts 

Abstract Drawing Activity ( one of my favorites!)


Art Show

After creating all these great summer art projects for kids it’s time to show them off!

Ready for your art show? Here is how we did ours!

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