Easy Bacteria Growth Science Experiment for Kids

This is a great way to show kids how germs are in our food and “see” the need to refrigerate our food to limit bacterial growth.

Let’s learn about germs! Grab a soda bottle and a balloon…

Simple Germ Experiment for Kids

Supplies Needed for Germ Experiment

  • 2-3 glass soda bottles
  • Yeast
  • Balloons
soda and balloon experiment with kids science square
We have our materials ready…let’s do science!

Instructions for Bacteria Science Experiment

Step 1

First we drank two sodas.

This might have been the kids favorite part of the experiment.

When else do they get to drink soda at 10am?

Step 2

We dropped one teaspoon of yeast into each bottle, then we filled each halfway full of warm water and put a balloon on top:

  • One bottle went into the fridge.
  • The other went onto the counter near the oven at room temperature.

Science Discussion:  We talked about how the yeast would act as bacteria would, if the balloon blew up, then the yeast was growing.

Step 3

When we got home, the balloon on the counter had blown up, but the one in the fridge hadn’t blown up at all.

soda bottle with balloon on top in fridge - science experiment - Kids Activities Blog

We are going to watch it a few more days to see what happens.

This activity is part of our Germs Learning Unit. Thanks Jennifer for creating science lessons perfect for the kitchen.

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How did your germ growth experiment turn out?

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