What Happened When Dad Lets Child Pick Out Picture Day Outfit

Picture day is a big deal.

Picture Day is a BIG DEAL!

Do you remember standing in front of that screen?

Trying to smile?  Being begged to smile?  Just a little?

Most of the time it seems like it’s a bigger difference to parents than it is to kids, which is why it’s so awesome and funny that this daddy let his little girl pick out her own outfit for picture day.

screenshot of choosing an outfit for picture day at school
What should I choose to wear?

Kaylieann Steinbach LOVES Wonder Woman, so when her dad, Austin, said ‘go for it’, she grabbed her favorite Wonder Woman dress.

She even managed to sneak Superman into the photo, too!

Austin knew his daughter would go all out, but when he shared her picture to Reddit, he never expected the world to embrace his little girl and love her as much as he does.

screenshot of the perfect outfit for picture day!
Picture day ready!

“Since she before she could walk I may or may not have dressed her up in superhero clothes for as long as I could remember,” he said.

Take a look!

Video of Viral Picture Day Photo when Dad Let Girl Pick Her Own Outfit

Kaylieann is deaf, but that’s never stopped this preschooler for being the wonder woman her dad Austin can look up to.

Who knows if he’ll ever let her do this again, but personally I don’t think he could have planned for a better photo…

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